Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Autumn Ombre

 My apologies for being an absentee blogger. Between hurricanes and snow storms and my fabulous photographer being out of town I have been totally MIA lately. Anywho - Back to biz: I have been itching to wear this sweater since I got it. I love the cool ombre tones, the buttons on the back and the interesting texture to boot. However, it's always been on the short side and I'm not much for exploring the world of bare midriffs, especially when it's sweater weather. So I began scouring my closet for something to pair with this sucker - a skirt, some high waisted pantaloons... I was at a loss - Nothing looked right. Then it hit me - Dresses. I was completely excluding the idea of tossing the sweater overtop of a dress. HEYO! And that, ladies and gents, is just what I did.  

photos by jenny


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