Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trusty Trench

Flooding and blackouts alike, it's kind of a mess out there folks, and I've got rainy day blues for reals! Not to mention we are running out of food at an alarmingly rapid rate,
 and this girl has got a voracious appetite that needs satisfying. 
Feeling stir crazy {as is evident by my goofy looking smiles in some of these shots} and in need of some fresh air I went for a walk around the block armed with my trusty trench coat to keep me dry should it begin to rain... In retrospect, I should have given those blue suede boots a second thought considering the dark and ominous skies... But back to the trench! 

 Everyone should have a trench coat in their wardrobe arsenal - We're talking serious longevity with this piece. I opted for a classic Burberry model back in the day when I purchased this khaki colored rain companion, mostly because I can't get enough of Burberry's classic design. The trench is a piece that has transcended decades of trend shifts, and although mine may lack the detail of it's newly conceived brethren, it is no less lovely. 

photos by jenny

Friday, October 26, 2012

Grey Days

There's been an abundance of grey days here in NYC. Can't say that I'm not sick of 'em, cause I am - I totally am. BUT, they are an ever present reminder that Fall is in full swing, and this girl loves Fall. Tall boots, fuzzy vests, felt hats - Heeyyo! So in honor of these grey days I'm keepin' it, well... grey!!

photos by jenny

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cut offs Cut off

  love cut-offs. I do. I practically live in them all summer long, so when the Fall rolls in and bare legs become uncomfortable I begin to wonder - What is the cut off for rocking cut offs???

I'd like to think that you can happily wear cut offs well into the crispy, cool, Autumnal weather 
as long as you have yourself a pair of cozy tights to layer beneath them, and what is Fall if not a time to pile on the layers?! 

**Also, totally obsessed with my newest Catbird acquisitions: 
A touch of art deco with a ton of caviar-like texture these brass and stingray leather, 
Collette Ishiyama earrings and necklace are rocking my world!! 

photos by jenny

Friday, October 19, 2012

Lady-like in Leather

When I think about leather's place in fashion's past, present and future a multitude of images come to mind... the "Fonz"... motorcycle riding bad asses... sassy babes with loads of sex appeal... ass kicking chicks like Trinity a la The Matrix, and this list goes on...
But one thing I had never considered leather to be was lady-like. Why? 
You know - I'm not sure, but I'm about to delve deep for an answer. 
It's true, you can rock leather for an edgier more downtown look, but why the heck not as a more polished, classically tailored uptown look? The answer ladies and gents is: YOU CAN! 
Then why the deuce is it that up until now I was looking at leather as a piece used only for grunging things up?  Had I allowed stereotypes to limit my creativity? I think so! I am presently rolling my eyes at myself because, helllloooo! Leather can totally and absolutely be lady-like! And to prove it I paired my new leather pants with what I like to think of as a fabulously "Audrey"-inspired top.

photos by jenny

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Touch of Camo

Keepin' it warm, cozy and undercover in a bit of camo!
 Alright, well, I might not exactly be undercover, and I'm certainly not successfully blending in with the fall foliage and Halloween spider web decor, but hey, a girl can try, right?! No but seriously, I dig camo, and I suuuuuriously dig the soft, subtle, feminine look of the camo print Equipment used for this blouse. And while I think camo has the versatility and capacity to be utilized in just about any outfit, for any occasion, I felt like staying casual by slinging on a pair of ultra flare jeans and topping it off with an ├╝ber warm shearling jacket. 
{Side note: Something about this jacket always makes me feel like Penny Lane... though seriously lacking Kate Hudson's fabulous, curly, impeccably tousled mane, of course (sigh!).}

photos by jenny
Equipment Signature blouse
Alice + Olivia jacket
Citizens of Humanity jeans
Rag & Bone Harrow boots

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beautiful Brows

We've all been there - Sparse, sperm-shaped, over-plucked eyebrows. 
Mine happened in high school when I got to tweezing and couldn't stop myself. Regardless of when said brow catastrophe happened, ladies, wouldn't you agree that once the damage is done, it seems to take an excruciatingly long amount of time for those suckers to grow back? And it's not as though they grow back in one united front. It's a hair here, a hair there... Awkward to the point where they look unkempt, spotty and super weird! Needless to say I have no desire to revisit my sperm brow days, but these standard brows of mine are feeling... pretty standard. I want something a little different, ya know?So I have launched into grow-out territory again and boy is it just as awkward as it was the first time!!!! I can only imagine that after 15 years of brow grooming that this little project of mine is going to take a whole heap of time in order to get myself a pair like the epically beautiful brows above!! 
How do you feel about bold face framers? 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Manicure Monday: Chevron Stripes

A great big thank you to Sally Hansen for making fabulous nail art pens making at-home nail art relatively easy!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rainy Days

Rain boots can be a pretty crucial part of a gal's wardrobe, don't you think? Especially if said gal anticipates having to do any kind of trudging around on those wet, rainy days. 

The question is: What kind of rain boots are right for you?

 I've had a pair of navy blue Hunter wellies for the last 10 years that have served me through thick and thin, and most importantly through torrential down pours and drizzles alike, but truth be told I get kind of bored of them. I've found myself feeling bummed out when rain is in the forecast not only because rainy days are pretty dreary in general, but because I feel like those tried and true navy wellies have their limitations. So, in an effort to brighten up my rainy days I sought out something a little more... Interesting. 

What did I find? 

A plethora of appealing options: Snake skin, herringbone, lace, 
high heeled wedges, booties with buttons, and moto inspired rain boots! 

Which are your faves?


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