Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rainy Days

Rain boots can be a pretty crucial part of a gal's wardrobe, don't you think? Especially if said gal anticipates having to do any kind of trudging around on those wet, rainy days. 

The question is: What kind of rain boots are right for you?

 I've had a pair of navy blue Hunter wellies for the last 10 years that have served me through thick and thin, and most importantly through torrential down pours and drizzles alike, but truth be told I get kind of bored of them. I've found myself feeling bummed out when rain is in the forecast not only because rainy days are pretty dreary in general, but because I feel like those tried and true navy wellies have their limitations. So, in an effort to brighten up my rainy days I sought out something a little more... Interesting. 

What did I find? 

A plethora of appealing options: Snake skin, herringbone, lace, 
high heeled wedges, booties with buttons, and moto inspired rain boots! 

Which are your faves?


  1. I have the Kate Spade boots, they are comfortable and pair well with suit pants.

  2. 1 and 2 are my top picks!!! xxx cb



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