Sunday, May 20, 2012

DIY Friendship Bracelet Funzo

I can't tell you exactly how long it's been since I've dabbled in friendship bracelet-making, but I can tell you that back in the day I LOVED it. When I revisited the activity this weekend, like hopping on a bicycle for the first time in a long time, it was love all over again!

A bracelet, a birthday gift from my Mum, had broken. It was a bar of rubies, strung on black leather cord that had metal closures on either side. I wore it non-stop for a solid week which I'm assuming was my mistake. I would shower and sleep with it on {it was surprisingly that comfy!}, and alas a day came along when one of the closures popped free of the leather cord. I wasn't sure what the best fix would be. Glue? But it would just happen again, no?

Feeling defeated, I let my broken bracelet sit in my jewelry box for several months before the solution dawned on me. I had seen the absolutely rad "DIY Embellished Friendship Bracelets" post by Honestly...WTF and wanted to give the project a whirl, so one morning when I caught a glimpse of my poor broken bracelet, I began to connect the dots! I ran to Purl Soho, a spectacular yarn store in Soho {obvi!} and grabbed every color of embroidery floss that I could get my hands on. The rest of the day was reserved to getting my bracelet-making groove back. I've now become a bracelet making machine!

Here she is, all shiny and new, and might I add looking pretty amazing for Spring and Summer?!

{Rockin' it with my everyday-wear, and debuting the incredible 
Jacquie aiche bracelet ring found at Catbird!}


  1. OOOO Love your DIY friendship bracelet!

  2. So cute! I want to make one!!



  3. Omg your nails look amazing! I just shared your picture with my roomate cause she is obsessed with those rings/bracelets... she said, YAY! haha

    Cheers ♥


  4. LOVE that hamsa bracelet. xx

  5. love the photos and your blog! Would you like to visit my blog? If you want, we can follow each-other with GoogleFriendConnect and I'm already following :) :) cheers!
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  6. Nice bracelet indeed. I need to try and find more time for some good DIYs like this one. And that ring is awesome! So delicate and chic.

  7. love nails!!!
    i'm following your blog!!if you like mine,do the same!!!

    Freaky Friday

    Freaky Friday Facebook Fan Page

  8. awesome ring/bracelet! So different!

  9. lovely jewellery and such a great DIY
    you have a wonderful blog :-)



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