Monday, May 14, 2012

"Sometimes ya gotta say, WTF. Make your move."

I haven't the slightest idea why I woke up this morning with this quote in mind, but the more I think about it it couldn't be more perfect for a Monday - Nothin' like a little kick in the butt via "Risky Business" to get motivated for the week! 

I love how utterly and completely awkward this scene is - Makes me laugh every time! 


  1. haha...soo awkward. love me a young Tom Cruise!

  2. ahahhaha risky business! Classic Tom movie, the shirt and socks scene never gets old x

  3. Lovely Blog! Keep up the good work!! ;)

    Do you want to drive the AUDI A3 with me?? I think it is absolutely gorgeous!!

    Have a nice Day! xx

  4. I like so much this post. Every time better.
    Come to check out my new post, i´m sure you´ll love it!



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