Thursday, July 12, 2012

July Favorites

Do you ever have those months when you find something you've been looking for or you rediscover something you've had, old or new, whether it was already in your closet or you found it out and about, and instantly you're in love? This happens to me constantly! This July I wanted to share a few:

Glitzy gold coasters and scented soy-wax rounds - After months of searching high and low for coasters that made some sense with our decor I had almost given up. I was meandering around ABC Home one afternoon and these round, porcelain beauties caught my eye. Having just the right amount of glitz and glamour, they remain feminine and delicate with an understated beauty. 
In short -  They're parfait!
The scented soy-wax rounds by Munio Candela are an absolute delight. I really underestimated how much I'd love these little guys - I only got two boxes, but I fully intend on getting more as I've found myself carting them around the apartment with me because I can't get enough of the sensual, soft aroma that they have {it's like having mess-less potpourri!} And come on, take a look at them - Don't they look like delectable, little rounds of white chocolate with little bits and pieces of berry and orange peel in them?! Heck, I think they do!

Homemade charm bracelet and cute box o' matches - I've got a million little charms that don't get much action these days, and I had been wondering how I could reincorporate them into everyday use. Voila! My favorite friendship bracelet was feeling a bit bare, so I gave it a friend to "hang" out with! 

For those of you familiar with Fishs Eddy in NYC, it's probably the best and definitely my favorite place to find kitschy-cute kitchenware. They also happen to have some seriously cool knickknacks strategically placed around their store. Case in point - This super cute box 'o matches! Did I need them? No... Am I glad I got them? YES!

 Vintage owl necklace - This piece has a very special place in my heart. It happens to be the very first gift my Dad gave to my Mom. {Awe, Dad!} My Mom laughs about it now, remembering how silly looking she thought it was and that my Dad had {and apparently still has} terrible taste in jewelry. Um, Mom... I beg to differ! So when she was willing to part with this sweet little owl, who I've since named Ernesto, I was more than happy to take him off her hands and give him a home!

My wedding ring's new neighbor - It's no secret - I've got a ring obsession. It's a problem, I know. BUT I also mentioned that there was an end in sight and that I was waiting for one last {cough cough} piece. I'm not sure how everyone feels about the idea of wearing rings beside their wedding/engagement rings, but as I've said before I am of the opinion "the more the merrier". That being said, I don't have a wedding band that is super easy to pair things with, so seeking friends and neighbors for it has been a rocky road. I currently wear a ring that my husband gave me on my left index finger, so he's a distant neighbor to my wedding band {same zip code, but miles away}, and I've tried to wear rings right next to my band on my middle finger but have found that despite my efforts it never felt or looked quite right. Then, like lightening, the idea struck me - My pinky! Yes!  Something simple and sweet for my pinky. And here she is - A tiny, rose gold band with an N + P engraved on it. I love it. Love, love, love it. Needless to say, she has taken up permanent residence beside my wedding band and they are now BFFs. 

 Priti pink polish - Priti NYC nail polish is eco-friendly, non-toxic, glides on perfectly smooth and has tremendous wearing power. Seeing as I like to keep things as natural as I can this beautiful, bright pink named Hula Girl Rose is just what the doctor ordered!  

And then, of course, I am always dreaming of Paris {sigh}


  1. Ah, the flowers are gorgeous. xx

  2. great jewellery, and you have a very nice blog:)
    maybe you want to follow each other ? if you do than follow me at and I will follow you back :)
    XXX EMN :)

  3. perdy.

    so light


    perfect for 23:53, when it's pouring with rain outside and everybody's gone to bed. THANKS :) x

  4. Very lovely blog and love your pictures so fashionable and dainty.



  5. Adorable pictures. I always dream of Paris too)) xoxo

  6. Le necklace est tres chouette!J'aime bien:)
    Angela Donava

  7. I really like these photos! The nailpolish is so lovely. xx

    - Victoria

  8. I'll admit I'm not usually a fan of owls but I really love that necklace! It is just so cute and dainty : )

  9. so in love with that pinky ring, great choice and those coasters are an awesome find. These photos totally make me want to go walk around Fish Eddys now! I think that might be added to my weekend list to do.

  10. Nice post! These are cute photos.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  11. Beautiful photos! The pink varnish is perfect, I almost always wear pink nail varnish :D And, oh, Paris... <333

  12. great snaps,endearin' ;)

    You have nice blog,so may be we could follow each other-just let me know and I'll return the favor




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