Monday, July 23, 2012

Manicure Monday

The beauty of the chevron patterned, two toned {or in this case, three toned} mani is that it cuts out the hemming and hawing over what color to use. Go with your two favorites, or three or four! This one is feeling a little rainbow bright meets open flame to me... 
Hmm, that probably sounded bad, but you know what I meant. 

{Nail polish}
Deborah Lippmann "Supermodel"
 Priti NYC "Gatsby Dahlia
Deborah Lippmann "Yellow Brick Road"


  1. Ugh! Not only are these colors delectably gorgeous, but the photography is fantastic.

    I love that you've taken the time to find the perfect color accompaniment to your nail color - and it's making me even MORE regretful of the fact taht I passed up the Parisian candy shops today. I'm a sucker for kid's candy.

    Love that the colors are in a little v-shape - makes the design really unique, and definitely looks a lot cooler than if they'd been straight (would have been too candy corn like).

    Great pics. Wish I had nails, 'cause I'd totally try this. Unfortunately, my hands resemble those of a hobbit.

    (ps: thanks for all your amazing comments. you make me smile everyday!_

  2. wow! amazing nails!

  3. Love this manicure concept, and such vibrant photography! Now were you actually stuffing your face with the candy, or was it just a prop? I'd have been the former...I love peach rings!

  4. This is such a pretty manicure and I love the inspiration for it. Now following your blog. :)





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