Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Earl Grey & a bit of Au Lait

There's something undeniably soothing about a warm cup of tea with a splash of milk in it; The warmth of the cup, the soft and sweet aroma that wafts up as you take a sip, and finally the smooth medley of flavor that dances across your taste buds - It's positively delightful! 

I've spoken before about my love of essential oils, and while I'm overjoyed with the selection found at various health food stores there were particular scents that I found myself craving, so I went exploring...

When I came across a tiny shop on Etsy called Alkemia Apothecary & Perfumery I was intrigued. 
I began to read, "Alkemia perfume oils are phthalate free and paraben free. They contain no fillers, chemical by-products, or other nastiness." - Ding, ding, ding! Well hello, Alkemia! 
With scent categories that range from Femme Fatale Florals to Vanillas, Cocoas and Sweets 
I knew that what I longed for was well within my reach. 

Now, for some unexplained reason I love the smell of warm, sweet milk... 
This is not a scent one comes across very often {believe me, I've searched!}, but within the Alkemia online store, there it was. "Au Lait": A cozy, ultra-cuddly blend of rich, creamy milk swirled with tonka, wild honey, and a touch of caramelized brown sugar. Cozy and creamy indeed! 
You had better believe that I ordered a bottle of it immediately and took it for a test spin the second I got it out of the packaging. Seventh heaven, I tell you! 

It got me to thinking... I do love a spot of tea... I wonder if there's perhaps some kind of "tea scent" resembling one of my favorites, Earl Grey. Back to Alkemia I went, but alas, Earl Grey did not exist... At least not yet. I inquired and was pleasantly surprised when the response 
I received was that they would be happy to create the scent for me! 
So here I am today, wearing Earl Grey layered with a touch of Au Lait and loving every bliss-filled minute of it. 
My, oh my, it is incredible what our sense of smell can inspire!


  1. Love your blog!!You have a new follower!!
    I'd love it if you checked out mine and tell me what you think!!

  2. Ohhh that sounds like it would smell absolutely divine. Just reading your post made me sink into a relaxing state, imagining myself sipping on some earl grey and milk. :) A first-time visitor, and I love :)

    Cathy Trails

  3. That is so cool! the scent of warm sweet milk and earl grey, unexpected but now that I think of it, that sounds like such an amazing perfume combination. And i am thoroughly impressed that they responded so loyally and would even make a scent for you that they did not have! I am definitely checking this store out. thanks!

  4. Wow that sounds so adorable! I want it too... NOW :D



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