Thursday, March 29, 2012


Searching for a signature scent that suits your every need can be as elusive as the search for Big Foot. Maybe I've got a fickle nose, but I say why settle?

Everyone hopes to find a scent that they feel can clearly define who they are: Their spirit, their personality, their quirks; and for some the search is easy. Others, like me, find the search to be more difficult, and with an allergy to heavily scented, synthetic perfumes my search was a grueling one.

After many fruitless perfume purchases, I found myself perusing the essential oils at Whole Foods. I found fresh florals, bright citruses, and warm spicy scents. Some can calm and soothe, and others can awaken and invigorate. Aromatherapy anyone?! 
The fun part is mixing and matching as you create a scent that is utterly perfect for you. This is exactly what I've been doing lately - In fact, I've been concocting my very own scented body moisturizer. It involves the slightest bit of DIY work.

Here's what you do: Pick an essential oil or two (or three!) and sprinkle them into a bottle of unscented moisturizer (I like to use Everyday Shea Moisturizing Body Lotion). Shake it up so that the oils are thoroughly mixed throughout the moisturizer and Voila!

Not only are essential oils extremely potent, those tiny bottle have serious longevity - In other words, a little goes a long, long way. I really love this signature scent solution! The scent will stick with you throughout the day, blending with the natural chemistry of your body.

For a while I've been rocking a mixture of vanilla and peppermint, but now that spring has arrived I'm thinking of switching it up and mixing something delicious like vanilla and lemon, or lavender and honey. What's your signature scent? Have you ever gone the essential oil route?



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