Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Homemade Nutella Experiment

Is it safe to assume that you've all tried the delicious wonder that is Nutella? Whether it was en crêpe, an accompaniment to fruit, or simply a spoon full taken right from the jar, no matter how you slice it, or should I say spread it, Nutella is scrum-diddly-umptious. That being said, as of late I've been making an effort to lay off the super sugary sweets, and it has been a serious challenge to say the least, especially when our apartment happens to be on a Mr. Softee truck's night time route {every night around 8:30pm. Yeah, I own a Mr. Softee frequent buyer card... It's just so dang good! but I digress}. 
There's no doubt about it, this journey away from sugar has forced me to get creative about how to satisfy my seemingly insatiable sweet tooth and has lead to many a homemade dessert experiment. Clearly my latest experiment was with homemade Nutella. Sounds easy enough, right? Heck, that Nutella commercial on TV these days touts Nutella's simplicity and natural ingredients 
{"hazelnuts, cocoa, and milk"} so I thought to myself, how difficult can this be?! 

The answer? Pretty easy peasy! This recipe happens to be sugar-free and natural, but I have to admit that subbing honey for sugar and not utilizing a chocolate bar {as many recipes suggest} results in a much nuttier, less sweet version of my favorite smear-able treat. Don't get me wrong, it's yummy, really yummy, but it doesn't have that sinful taste which, in retrospect, actually may be a testament to it being a healthier alternative to the original. 


1 1/2 cups of hazelnuts
1/4 cup of cocoa powder
1 cup of milk {I used heavy whipping cream for the heck of it}
4 tablespoons of honey
1 1/2 tablespoons of vanilla 
1/4 cup of coconut oil

Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees and evenly distribute your hazelnuts on a cookie sheet;
Toast hazelnuts for 10 minutes and then set aside to cool;
In a mixing bowl combine cocoa powder, milk, honey and vanilla;
Once hazelnuts have cooled remove their skin {they should come off very easily just by rubbing them together} and place hazelnuts with skin removed into a plastic ziplock back;
Pulverize hazelnuts into small bits {yes, I used a hammer to do this, and I really just wanted to use the word pulverize!}, and then pour into a food processor along with the coconut oil;
Process until you've reached a creamy consistency {mine remained every so slightly grainy} and combine with the rest of the ingredients until well blended ~ Et viola! 



  1. what a cool idea!

  2. That looks so yummy! And the pictures are gorgeous, I love the hazelnuts and the hammer:)

  3. Le post est super!Tres appetissant!!!:)
    Angela Donava

  4. Le post est super!Tres appetissant!!!:)
    Angela Donava

  5. wow- this looks amazing!

  6. Big WOW for this post,honey,I really enjoyed;)

  7. YUM! Looks and sounds divine. And props to you for trying to lay off the sugar! Would be super tough for me. I admire your bravery! ;)

  8. YUM! Great ideas you have! xx


  9. I think its awesome that you made your own version of Nutella! The first time I tried this tasty treat was in Paris so of course I love it.


  10. That looks so yummy! :)



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