Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weekend Wear: Labor Day - Part 1

Although I believe the fashion faux pas of yesteryear are dated and no longer truly apply to the fashion world of today, wearing white pantalones after Labor Day will always give me this little niggly feeling. Silly, I know. Who made up this rule anyhow?! Regardless, I'd like to take this opportunity, as it is the final week of August, to rock my crisp whites in all their glory over the next few days! 

photos by jenny
Rag & Bone Beach top
Free People cut offs
Jimmy Choo espadrilles 
Persol sunglasses
Locke & Co Panama hat


  1. Your outfit looks super chic but at the same time very comfortable. I dig it!

  2. God you're really pretty. So jealous. I love how this top hangs, and you look really beachy, but still right at home on those doorsteps. & you seriously have the most bomb legs ever. You could wear white any time of the year and noone would even notice. But I kind of get that "little niggly feeling". I always want people to know that I'm doing it intentionally, not that I'm unaware of the "rule". Pretty narcissistic.

    Really like your watch here too! & that hat!

    You should submit one of these pics to the NYT slideshow this week. The link is here:


  3. LOVE your style here:)really pretty!

  4. you look so good!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  5. This is so cute! Fedora is a must. Love the red bike!!


  6. The Lipstick rocks the Outfit!

    Enjoy your sunday. :)




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