Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Red Rover

When cute dress meets comfort, the result is undoubtedly sublime, and simply sublime is exactly what I think of this sweet little red dress from Anthropologie. Buttery soft fabric, gentle pleating around the waist, dimensional, squiggly, scalloped stripes - I dig it! Twas the perfect frock for a little vintage bauble shopping - Helloooo plaid suitcase.

photos by jenny
vintage leopard print belt


  1. The bright red dress + bright red lip = perfection! Love the street-shopping scene too


  2. I am such a sucker for the red + leopard combo, and for stripes. These two together makes such a perfect look! xx

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  3. I also really like how you paired the animal print belt with this dress. Looks great together. Oh and I want that suitcase :)

  4. Cute outfit, you look like Taylor Swift a little!


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  5. this look is adorable and very chic! i love the leopard print belt with the dress! great contrast


  6. Please tell me you got that suitcase and carried it home singing "I have confidence in sunshinneee" (Alert alert, nerdy Sound of Music reference).

    You're right, simply sublime describes the dress perfectly. I adore it's silhouette, and it fits you really extraordinarily. I also really love how the white scallops are raised and add such a cool texture to the dress.

    And NO FRICKEN WAY. Oh my word. If I would have seen the man repeller on the street, ..... I don't even know. I probably would have convulsed a bit, and then had this really conflicting moment where I tried to decide whether I should pretend like I somehow was worthy of conversing with her on the same level, or if I should just admit that I'm her #1 fangirl ever. Did you just yell at her and then run!?!? ahhh. so jealous.
    soso jealous.


  7. Wonderful dress...looks very good on you.*_*
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