Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weekend Wear: Labor Day - Part 2

So back to said niggly feeling about wearing white after Labor Day - It could be that watching 
Serial Mom in my formative years planted a deep seeded fear that Kathleen Turner, aka "Serial Mom", would seek me out and bludgeon me with the receiver of a pay phone should I decide to rock white shoes after labor day {which is obviously why I'm wearing them before!} - A terrifying and traumatizing prospect indeed, however irrational it may be! 

{If you haven't seen the film, or would like to refresh your memory of how utterly 
psycho-crazypants Ms. Turner got as "Serial Mom", take a look at the scene below}

Phobia aside, yesterday I went the casual route because heck it's a long weekend and you'll definitely need at least one casual comfy outfit for chillaxin, but should you have a soirée to attend. . .

photos by jenny
Burlapp for Anthropologie dress (old)
Christian Louboutin peep toe pumps



  1. Those are some kick-ass shoes. You can wear those any time of the year as far as I am concerned. I have to say I am a little afraid of Kathleen Turner after watching that short scene haha

  2. I like the stripes on the skirt of the dress. Very classy, elegant outfit, and so casual, too!

  3. La video est superbe!J'aime beaucoup les chaussures!
    Angela Donava

  4. You are too gorgeous and stylish I just can't STAND it!!!!! xoxxoo

  5. amazing shoes! cute!

  6. pahahah I 've never seen this movie, but I think your recap of a film-like reoccurence is more amusing than the film itself. It sounds soo strange. haha.

    I am so fricken obsessed with your sunglasses here. Are these RayBans? Are they the clubmaster ones? I cannot get enough of them they totally mix up the outfit and add a bit of badass - which is so perfect.

    Gorgeous shoes, obviously. I'd feel so elegant in them. Hope you have a fantastic Labor Day weekend. Get all your white wearing done so no more niggly feeling!


  7. I love your old school/elegant style. Such a lady look.


  8. I love your blog so so much. You're so gorgeous and you have a real sense of style.
    I wish you lot of good things ^^



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