Monday, August 27, 2012

Manicure Monday: Pop Art

I've always loved the look of Lichtenstein art. Reminiscent of classic comic strips, where pictures were composed of hundreds of tiny dots, this pop art style firmly holds its own unique beauty, and having seen a number of comic book inspired prints gone fashion for this upcoming Fall, it only felt appropriate to go Lichtenstein with my mani!

{Nailpolish}: RGB White, Sally Hansen nail pens in red, blue & yellow


  1. Very Cool! Never would have thought of this.

  2. Nice nail design.^^
    Thanks,for your comment on my blog.
    Have a nice week...

  3. Really love the inspiration you drew from! As a Warhol and Lichtenstein fan, I've always adored the modern pop art culture. Interesting how you translated it to nail art. :)

  4. I literally JUST saw a shampoo commercial (think it was Garnier Fructis, just tried to GOogle it but got nothing) that was shot with some girl flipping her hair around in front of THIS!

    I had no idea there was an artistic reference (Lichtenstein) for it, and I actually was wondering when I saw it how you would refer to the background, because it really really stood out.

    Cannot believe how cool your nails look. I don't understand how you get them to look so perfect. I literally have a handicap when it comes to doing my nails (probably doesn't help that I literally have nails shorter than Frodo's), so I'm super jealous when I see yours looking this good.

    How long did this take you? If my nails looked like that, I'd be putting my hands all over everything and everyone trying to get people to look at how cool I looked.

    Awesome awesome job.


  5. Super cool nail art!



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