Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coffee Cubes

Every spring, as soon as the temperature pops a degree above 60, I practically gallop down the street in the mornings to the nearest coffee shop and grab myself a deliciously wonderful iced coffee. To me, this beverage is pure bliss in the mornings and without it my day just doesn't seem right!

It was 2 years ago when I came across an iced coffee that knocked my socks off. I was in Oriental, North Carolina. It was a hot and humid August day, and I was in desperate need of something cool and caffeinated.

We strolled over to the local coffee shop (the only one in town) and ordered up a couple of iced coffees to-go. What we were given tasted anything but ordinary.

Immediately the comments began to fly:
"Wow, this is good stuff."
"Yeah! The best I've ever had."

Then we realized, wait a minute! We're talking about iced coffee for crying out loud. There aren't many ways to make this stuff so we inquired within.

"Oh! We use coffee cubes instead of ice cubes", said the barista. Coffee cubes? Yes. Literally, iced cubes of coffee. Genius!

The difference that it made in the quality of the beverage was incredible. Instead of gradually becoming watered down and weird it remained potent and delicious to the last sip. Why the deuce hadn't we experienced iced coffee like this sooner?!

Honestly, now that I know the secret, I'm surprised that a place like Starbucks doesn't capitalize on this by having a direct line of coffee feeding their ice making machine. I suppose the coffee cube making process is better suited to the DIY, smaller coffee shops which all in all is A-okay with me!

Speaking of DIY, all you really need to make this iced coffee happen in your own home is an ice cube tray and pot of freshly brewed coffee. Pour your brew into the tray and let the freezer do the work!



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