Monday, March 12, 2012

Who's-its and What's-its Galore

I am a lover of antiques and vintage objects of all kinds. These treasures from the past are usually found retired in basement boxes after years of neglect. For me, each object holds a bit of magic; a story of it's own, and with a glance or a soft touch it has the ability to transport you to distant decades where their story began.

Mackey Blue, a tiny store in Hoboken, New Jersey is a treasure trove of vintage stuffs. This brick and mortar story book is a window into the past with it's many baubles. 

Tiny tin boxes that once held chewing gum and other sweets hold court on the shelves of a creamy mint colored metal pie cabinet. Vintage suitcases of all shapes and sizes, showing signs of wear and tear from journeys unknown, occupy a corner of the shop. Mason jars, glass apothecary bottles and old soda pop and seltzer bottles are aplenty, and black and white photographs are littered throughout the store like scattered memories. 

There were endless nicknacks to marvel over, and marvel I surely did. I felt a little bit like Ariel from The Little Mermaid in her cavern of gadgets and gizmos. I didn't walk away with anything in hand (though I was seriously eyeing a vintage type writer), but I did walk out with my imagination fully charged.

All of these objects were once special to someone. The lobster pots may have been a housewarming gift to a young couple after the purchase of their first home - The typewriter could have been the pride and joy of an ambitious journalist - The round suitcase could have accompanied a flight attendant on her many flights all over the world. One of those soda pop bottles could have been the very bottle of pop that someone's high school sweetheart bought them just before they got down on one knee and proposed. You just never know! But there is magic in all of it.

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