Monday, March 5, 2012

Ode to a French Bistro

French bistro, I love thee.
You are my respite 
From the storms of everyday life. 
With unsurpassable casual coolness,
And a croque monsieur that rocks my world 
I choose you above all others. 
Yours is a cappuccino that melts my heart. 

Okay, so I'm no poet, but when I saw these bistro inspired goodies from Williams Sonoma I couldn't help but think of lazy afternoons spent sipping frothy cappuccinos from these cups and nibbling on a pain au chocolat street side in Paris. I'm no Paris resident, though I wish I was, so thank you to Williams Sonoma for letting me have a little taste of Paris in my Stateside kitchen!


  1. French bistro's are always so amazing!! Love these pictures! Would love for you to checkout my latest posts and participate in my giveaway!!


  2. hahahha indeed! great post!!!!
    french bistros are the most amazing places on earth!!!! this is why french people are always so cool and relaxed and chic!!!
    you have such a great blog- i'd loved it if we followed each other!!!!!




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