Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring time Sippin'

NYC got a taste of spring this past week - Mid to upper 60's, sunny and absolutely gorgeous.

It's days like these, when we're on the very cusp of springtime, that make me (and I think the rest of the city) completely giddy for the coming months. 

I was gearing up to retire my bulkier winter coat and welcome layering and lighter jackets into the rotation when mother nature cruelly yanked us back into a blustery chilly world. BOO!

So here I am, on this brisk Friday evening, having already had to, begrudgingly, pull on my thick wool coat and face the chill.
Here's to fantasizing about warmer, sunnier days filled with sandals and sundresses, ice coffees, al-freso brunches and cocktails. Speaking of cocktails, my mind takes me to two refreshingly cool, warm weather treats: The Bellini and a blended Prosecco Mint Lemonade*. Neither are too sweet, and both are wickedly delicious. I can't wait.

What are you yearning to sip on come spring???

*I couldn't find a recipe for this! 
  BUT all you need to do is follow 
  the frozen mint lemonade recipe 
  and add Prosecco to the blended fun!


  1. the picture of the girl on the bike with the red skirt actually made me smile! lovely!

    montes Y mills

  2. I can't wait for Spring so I can
    ride on my bike.

    Come visit my blog and let's follow each
    other on GFC!



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