Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wrangle Bangle

I've mentioned once before that my wrists have, in the past, hindered my bracelet wearing capabilities. It was endlessly frustrating to find bangles that I loved only to realize that once I tried them on that they would slide right off of my wrist. 

Sure, I could go ahead and take the leap of faith, buy the gorgeous bangle and hope that it wouldn't slide off into oblivion while I wasn't paying attention, but would it be worth it? I think not. I felt limited. I was totally envious of girls who could artfully layer their bangles with their cuffs and other such assorted bracelets in complete comfort.

Then, one sunny afternoon, I came upon a set of bangles I couldn't refuse. I dubiously tried them on. No harm in trying, I thought. On they went, and hey... wait a minute... they fit? THEY FIT! I'm telling you, I feel like sometimes it's destiny. 
These beautiful Mija bangles are 18k gold vermeil set with garnet, swiss blue topaz, citrine, iolite, peridot, rhodolite, amethyst, and white sapphires. Doesn't that sound delicious? Like a bowl candy... Or maybe I'm just weird! Either way, this wonderful variety of gemstones are what make these bangles, I think, incredibly versatile.

Ahhh... Sweet satisfaction! At long last I can join my fellow accessory loving comrades with their bracelet adorned wrists and not fear for the whereabouts of my bangles at the end of the day.

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