Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Root beer float-sicle

Magic occurs when root beer meets vanilla ice cream - The root beer float is born!

This creamy, frothy and fizzy decadence makes me feel like I should be back in the 1950's, wearing a poodle skirt, sitting in a booth, giggling and gossiping with my best friends at the local diner while coyly sipping my float and making eyes at the cutest boy in school. Good, clean old fashioned fun!

You can imagine my enthusiasm when I stumbled upon a root beer float popsicle! 

It was a steamy day in late spring, and I had been baking in the warm California sun all afternoon when I heard the words, "Would you like a root beer float popsicle?"- "Um, YES!!!" For those of you who have yet to experience this delightful frozen concoction it's icy, creamy and refreshingly sweet - Absolutely divine on a hot day!

Let's be honest, a root beer float popsicle is not something we generally come across in an eatery or even in your typical ice cream shop, which means if we want to indulge we've got a little DIY work to tackle, but what rocks about this treat {other than it being absolutely delicious} is that it is super easy to do and super low maintenance?

Here's what you've gotta do: Grab your favorite root beer, your favorite vanilla ice cream {or chocolate - why not, right?!}, some dixie cups, popsicle sticks and some aluminum foil.
The root beer to ice cream ratio is really up to you and your personal preference. Once you've got that sorted, unless you've got some really cool popsicle molds like the ones below I found from Crate & Barrel, it's key to make sure that you cover each dixie cup with aluminum foil - This is what will hold your popsicle sticks in place until your treat is frozen.

Pop it all in the freezer for a few hours and DUNZO


  1. wow....amazing, I `didnt know about this! :) I´m following you.


  2. absolutely gonna try this out!!


  3. Ah sounds delicious! Definitely gonna try this out. Also, love your blog! So cute.




  5. I let out an actual sigh reading the title. Oh my goodness this sounds amazing and it will be tried as soon as possible. Your blog is wonderful. You are so talented and I really and truly enjoy your posts.



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