Friday, February 17, 2012

Crimson lips

I love, love, LOVE crimson lips. It's a look both classic and bold, and one that seems to transcend time. Icons like Grace, Audrey and Elizabeth all rocked red lips and in my book those ladies can do no wrong. Red lips, in my opinion, are the equivalent to the right pair of classic black heels; Dress it up, dress it down and it will always make you look and feel fabulous! With some serious versatility you can wear it with the simplest of outfits, jeans and a tee is one of my faves, or you can rock it on an evening that requires serious glam.
In the past our ancient gal pals resorted to using a variety of methods to achieve this enviable rouge pout - Everything from crushing semi precious stones to use as lip decor, to using the juices of crushed beetles, ants, plants and roots as lip-stains! Fortunately, we have way better options (not to mention options that don't make you want to yack up what you just ate)!

My favorite red lip recipe is a combination of lipliner in Cannes and Ilia lipstick in Bang Bang. I outline my lips first with the liner, and then continue by filling them in. Once I've slathered my on I top it off with a fresh coat of Bang Bang! I find that the combo of lipliner and lipstick really gives a nice bold look while significantly lengthening the wear time. What are your red lip recipes?

And a great big cheers to all you ladies who rock crimson kissers!


  1. Timeless and beautiful, you can do no wrong with a red lip xx

  2. I must say I like Audrey's. They're not so obvious and popular :)


  3. Love this color lip! So beautiful and classic! Would love if you could stop by my blog and let me know what you think of my latest posts! Follow me, I follow you?!


  4. Gorgeous!

  5. Audrey is my all-time favorite. There is nothing more sexy than a crimson lip!!




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