Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A fabousse mousse

I was at dinner with friends on Sunday night when one of them declared, "I just had the most incredible chocolate mousse cake today."
Whoa whoa whoa, incredible chocolate anything? "Where?!", we all demanded.
"At Sant Ambroeus", she replied.

Sant Ambroeus? I had never been. I decided  that I needed to pay a visit to this establishment, pronto. So I called up a friend, made a date and set out this afternoon to meet her at the cozy and cute Sant Ambroeus on W. 4th and Perry St. in the West Village.

We ordered a couple of glasses of wine, the Insalata Di Quinoa - a quinoa salad with diced vegetables and pine nuts -  as well as the Toast Farcito - parma cotto and swiss cheese, with marinated artichokes and roasted peppers - to split between the two of us. Utterly delicious. We ate, we drank, we gabbed, we laughed. Then it was time for the pièce de résistance - the Sant Ambroeus, a chocolate mousse cake with a chocolate custard center. 

Ohhhhhh yeaaaah - It was everything my friend had described and much, much more. I assure you that this dessert deserves an OMG...or several! Decadent, delicious, light, chocolatey perfection and the ideal portion to boot. Chocolate mousse can be rich and heavy sometimes and this was far, far from it. 

If you are in the neighborhood I highly suggest stopping by - The atmosphere is warm and inviting, the staff incredibly friendly and the food - délicieux! 


  1. Super post!


  2. that looks so yummy
    p.s. love your blog maybe we can follow each other?

  3. It's great that you experienced the place with a friend and your description of what you had sounds so yummy!

  4. OH my gosh, WHERE do you live? France??? This is beautiful! <3 Sarah

  5. Super blog!!!
    Angela Donava



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