Thursday, February 16, 2012

I love you, honey

This past year I began my journey away from the world of chemically laden cosmetics and body products and took to using cleaner, friendlier versions of the above.

It all started with a desire to stay way from sulfates and parabens for the obvious reasons. Then one afternoon I found myself in an Organic Avenue on 8th with a book in my hands that intrigued me and would change my life - No More Dirty Looks, by Siobhan O'Connor and Alexandra Spunt

I flipped open the book when I got home and spent the greater part of the evening reading page after page of jaw dropping dirty truths about many popular body products, several of which were currently in my bathroom cabinets. Well, it was time for a serious product overhaul.

With the help of their book, which also happens to cover a bounty of clean and totally safe product recommendations, and their blog I have abandoned all toxic products!

While I have many, oh so many new products that I love dearly, I feel it necessary to pay homage to the one I love best - HONEY.

Honey is truly one of the coolest and most versatile cure-all's I know. Sticky sweet and utterly delicious, it has long been known as an antiseptic, antioxidant and cleanser with amazing healing properties. This natural powerhouse fights infection and significantly reduces inflammation, and is also known to aid in digestion.

Aside from loving it for it's many culinary uses and because Winnie the Pooh has an affinity for the stuff, I love putting honey on my skin. That's right, on my skin. My face to be specific. I use it as my facial cleanser morning and night. When I first tried it I was floored by how gentle and incredibly effective it was. I had been battling with cleansers that were too harsh for my skin (even natural ones) and they were making my already oily skin even oilier. When I turned to honey as a cleanser my skin became soft, supple, bright and completely balanced - It is my wonder product, and now I can't and wont live without it.

So, if I've peaked your interest, run out to your grocery store, pick up some raw organic honey and slather that stuff on your face. And heck, if you decide that it's not for you, you've got yourself a delicious treat to put in your cupboard.  Also, if going natural interests you and you haven't already heard about these wonder women, check out Siobhan O'Connor's & Alexandra Spunt's book and blog.

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