Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Silver & Old

My search for a cuff bracelet seemed fruitless and futile until one mild winter evening before the holidays I moseyed into one of my favorite establishments on Christopher street (awe heck, let's be honest it's one of my absolute favorite establishments on ANY street!)  - Albertine General.
The mood was merry and the spirit inviting inside this tiny boutique store. Hot mulled wine and brandy was perched on counter urging customers to sip while they browse.

I have spent hours in this store, which can't possibly be more than 500 sqft. Their collection of jewelry ranges from antique and vintage pieces to new and modern designs. I must say, I am a sucker for the vintage and antique pieces. I can't help myself. Something about them instantly transports me to the past.

So there I am, browsing case after case: stacking rings, lockets, gem covered earrings, pendents, oodles of friendship bracelets that put those old ratty things we used to wear each summer as kids to utter shame! I fall in love with all of it, but I notice I keep coming back to this one case. This is always a sign of purchases to come. I spot this beautiful smooth silver cuff donning a more detailed and delicate vintage looking piece on top.

No, I tell myself - I can't wear cuffs. My wrists are too tiny and the cuff never sits quite right... But maybe this cuff is different. I ask to see it and VOILA! It's perfect! The fit, the style, the everything! Before I can even ask Amy, the resident expert, about it's designer she tells me that top piece is from a vintage bracelet that the designer soldered onto the silver cuff. Um, LOVE IT! I find it to be the perfect melding of old and new. The outcome is this unbelievably delicate looking cuff.

Again, I am transported. I am Cecily Cardew sipping tea and eating cake waiting for my Ernest beneath the shade of an old English Oak tree. Okay, well I doubt Cecily was wearing a cuff bracelet, but that delicate silver one? Absolument!

albertine general
15 christopher street
new york city
646 398 9872


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