Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Bicycle, the Steed

Have you ever walked down the streets of Manhattan and taken a gander at all of the bikes chained up around town? There are loads of them! Living in a city where the bike community continues to grow each day is super cool, not just because it's a clean and amazingly efficient way to get around, but because the bikes themselves are pretty rad! Some of the very best, in my humble opinion, can be found in the West Village, and when I say "best" I really mean that their rating of vintage coolness is off the charts (their functionality is rarely a factor).

During my on foot adventures throughout Manhattan I started to pay more attention to these "two wheeled fun machines",  because...well, why not? And the more I looked at them the less they seemed like mere modes of transport. I began to see them differently... like loyal steeds dutifully awaiting their masters.

Some were all alone glowing with a quiet sense of honor; Some were in pairs like two best friends whispering and sharing secrets; Others were in groups like they were chattering and gossiping the day away.

There is something undeniably cool and beautiful about them. Each looks like it has a story. Rusted rims from countless nights in the rain. A ding here and a scratch there from that pothole that sent both man and machine crashing to the pavement. A bright new shiny coat of paint to hide the years of wear and tear as it passes from one generation to the next.

The bicycle has been around for a long, long time. It's classic and it always will be! To all you bike riders and your noble steeds, a hearty cheers!

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